Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ugh... San Martin Takes Down Newell's 2-0

San Martin took the game to Newell's in the first half, facilitated by a 4-5-1 deployment by Gamboa which didn't give Los Leprosos a way of generating any offense. Rather than going with the expected line up, he chose to sit Diego Torres, and added Mauricio Sperdutti to midfield.

Leo Torres may as well have not have been on the field, not due to any fault of his own, but due to the fact that he was constantly by passed. Newell's only attempts at offense in the first half from what I saw (I missed the first 10 minutes or so) were long balls that never seemed to land anywhere near a place that would have allowed Fabbiani to have done a damn thing. By the end of the half, San Martin had a 1-0 lead, and Newell's didn't look even close to scoring.

Early in the second half Gamboa finally made a move, and put Diego Torres into play. Why he chose to take Quiroga, a defender, off the pitch to do so I'll never understand. Still, the offense did pick up a bit. If not for a lack of finishing the game may well have been turned around.

In the 75th minute Gamboa replaced midfielder Sperdutti with defender Mauro Fórmica. Unfortunately it didn't help as some 3 minutes later San Martin scored their second.

There were two commercials of interest. The first is a rather personal one, as I noted that there was a commercial for Massey-Ferguson on the broadcast. The reason I lived in Argentina when I did was due to the fact that my father worked as an engineer for the company. When they bought out three factories that were owned by a German tractor manufacturer in the late 60's my dad was given a choice, he could stay in Detroit and take a pay cut, or move to Argentina and get a raise... and so it is that a company who's products are perdomenently red and black lead me to follow a team who's colors are rojinegro.

The second was an ad for Guillermo Lorente's run for Newell's presidency. Can you hear the bell toll, Senior Lopez?

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Jeremy said...

Well, it was an experimentation game on the road, so no real worries. Hopefully they get together and finish strong against Racing next week.

If I could vote, I'd fly on down just to cast a ballot against evil.