Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Unhappy Ogre

During the later stages of the Aperatura I read time and time again qoutes from Fabbiani saying he wanted to stay, he wanted to stay, he wanted to stay. Now, suddenly, with Lopez gone, he gives an interview and says he was never paid, from the beginning of the season and throughout. Because of this, he's asking to be released from Newell's, and is joined by Sebastián Peratta, Pablo Aguilar.

Meanwhile, the contracts have been gathered from the AFA offices, and Lorente and his crew are working to straighten things out. Still, there's the problem of proof. With out the books to show who's been paid, and who hasn't, and how many payments were missed...

Ogro, you won our hearts with your play, now must you lose our trust with your greed? Yes, if you are owed money you are entitled to it, but do not punish the new president for the sins of his predecessor. Give Lorente time to sort things out, if you must do otherwise, go after he who did not pay you
, not the club he ran into the ground.

The new team treasurer, Jorge Ricobelli, has said that the team must do just that. May the Wheels of Justice be swift
, least the entire roster turn their backs on the team.

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Anonymous said...

We have to leave the doors open, who want to leave go and who want to come back, wellcome. I heard some former palyers are happy with lopez gone and they are thinking about coming back. Time will tell.


Pepe Lepra