Saturday, February 7, 2009

Video Goals, And Impressions 2-7-09

Consider the picture here of Sensini early in the game, then watch for the smile after the third goal.

Wonderfull seeing team celebration of the goals as well. Still, being a realist, I'm hoping for a place in the top 5, but not expecting it. This was only Gimnasia, after all. As of late, Los Lobos have been playing more like gatitos.

Boca will not be so easy.


Anonymous said...

Check this out! David, our fans helping Newells, I hope you'll undesrtand.

Pepe Lepra

Man On Platfrom 13 said...

Like your site, any way to subscribe to it?

Anonymous said...


Yes we won, I'm so happy with la lepra.

meatandmalbec said...

Great win for your boys tonight mate. Caught the second half and apart from the Palermo's return the Boca fans didn't really have a lot else to cheer. Well done.