Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grand Opening Of A New Era

3-0, La Lepra over Los Lobos.
Gimnasia LP came to town, but they were repelled like a pack of wolf afraid of a burning branch. Could the beginning of the Newell's de la Gente era have started off on a more positive note?

Though the first half ended scoreless, Newell's clearly had the better of the play. That superiority was finally rewarded in the early in the second half when Mauro Fórmica neatly put the ball into the back of Los Lobos net. Soon after Gimnasia fell further behind, this time in numbers, as Diego Villar was given a red for elbowing Bernadello in the neck.

I did not manage to see Armani's goal at the 59th minute as the video feed was buffering, but I did see Fórmica's second quite clearly... and what a goal it was, catching Gastón Sessa out too far, Mauro looped the shot over his head.

Newell's were close to scoring a fourth, when a long shot/cross taken from the right (don't remember who took it) gave Sessa trouble, and ended up bouncing off the crossbar.

Fórmica definately deserves a man of the match mention. Bernardi I thought played very strongly, expectially considering he's not played competively in quite some time. The only players I'd say were disappointing today were Pillud and Quiroga, but that was due to there runs forward, which I was less than impressed with, on a whole.

Peratta had little to do, as there were few threats on Newell's goal, and those that did exist were taken care off by the defense.

Here's how Newell's lined up, and the time of the goals:

Peratta; Schiavi, Insaurralde, Pillud, Quiroga; Sperdutti, Bernardello, Vangioni (Cristaldo 68), Bernardi (Monsalvo 83;) Fórmica (Leandro Torres 83), Armani

Mauro Fórmica 52 and 67
Leandro Armani 59

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Newell's de la gente carajo!!!

Here we are, this is Newell's we want to see. I love you Newell's.

Pepe Lepra