Sunday, February 15, 2009

Newell's Take Over La Bombonera

Going into a game with Boca Jrs at La Bombonera one can never realistically go in expecting to win. I was hoping for a tie, dreading the idea that Newell's would lose, instead La Lepra laid siege and claimed all three points with a well earned 2-0 win (video of the goals can be seen in the previous post.)

Boca were a much better test for the team than Gimnasia LP were, but everyone answered the call. Peratta, whom did not overly impress me in the games I saw during the Apertura, made several key stops.

Salcedo made his way on to the pitch as a second half sub, but seemed a step out of touch with the rest of the team. We'll see if he can catch up over the course of the Clausura, or if he ends up spending his time on the bench, or even in the stands. Armani and Fórmica certainly haven't done anything in these first two games to warrent losing their starting places.

Also coming on the second half was Martin Palermo for Boca, returning from injury. This was the only moment that Los Xeneises had to truly celebrate. Marked by his friend, and current captain at Newell's, Schiavi, Palermo added little to Boca's attack.

Here's how Newell's lined up:

Peratta; Schiavi; Spolli, Quiroga, Pillud; Sperdutti (Machin 80,) Bernardello, Bernardi (Monsalvo 87,) Vangioni; Fórmica, Armani (Salcedo 70)

Armani (61)
Sperdutti (72)

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