Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just A Few Words

Well, I sort of promised I'd have a few things to say about last weeks internationals, Argentina over France, and the USA in a WC Qualifier beating Mexico. Both games were 2-0 wins, for Argentina and the USA that is.

For Argentina, it may have only been a friendly, but then it's been said that Argentina doesn't play friendlies. With the lineup Maradona threw at France that certainly rings true. The Albicelestes simply allowed the French to wear themselves out, and with a Gutiérrez goal late in the first half claimed a lead, and Messi, brilliant as ever, scoring in the second secured the victory. Could it be that Maradona has fought off all his demons and become a coach of note? Time will tell, as always.

The USA's win over Mexico was expected, they were playing in Columbus, OH after all. The only thing of note in this game is that, in my opinion, we have a new best player on the USA National Team. Yes, move over Landon Donovan, 'cause here comes Michael Bradley.

It wasn't that long ago that some were questioning his inclusion on the team, saying he was only getting games because his father was coach. With his two solid goals against Mexico, I believe we can put that sort of talk to rest.

It's also interesting that when now retired Claudio Reyna was young, he was labeled as the next great (should really have been talk about first great, but...) attacking US player. Instead he became a solid defensive midfielder. Now we have Bradley, who came into the team as a defensive midfielder, but has developed into a player like we have never had on a US side, a true all arounder, excelling defensively, and offensively. At that, he's still only 21.

Imagine if he manages to do what Donovan failed to do... continue to improve beyond the age of 23!

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