Saturday, February 21, 2009

Taste Of Bad Milk

"Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down
They're going to destroy our casual joys
We shall go on playing..."

Strange Days - The Doors

Qué mal leche! Newell's out played Gimnasia Jujuy, and I can say that with confidence, even though I can not claim to have seen the game. I was at work during the game, damn the time difference and the early Friday evening start time.

In cases like this, I must make do with game reports, and game statistics. There are times when statistics will lie, but not when they're this lopsided. Shots were Newell's 17 taken, 7 on target, while El Lobo Jujeño only managed 5 with 2 on target.

The often touted game tie breaker, the number of corners earned in a game, was even more telling. La Lepra had 7, to Jujuy's nil.

But in all sports, strange things do happen. And so it came to pass that Newell's had to come from behind to tie the Wolf from Jujuy at 1 a piece. Juan Arraya scored for Jujuy during the 69th minute on a deflection which left Peratta with no chance of making a save. Salcedo answered in the 75th with a clever freekick just outside the box... but yet I'm tempted to question his being in the line up. Formica and Armani had played so well together in the first two games, that I have to wonder if the game would not have had a different out come had it been Salcedo sitting on the bench at the beginning of the game rather than Armani.

Still, for the moment, Newell's still are on top with 7 points from 3 games. Only Arsenal can take that away, sitting on 6 with their third yet to be played.

Line Ups:


Sebastián Peratta; Iván Pillud, Rolando Schiavi, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Juan Quiroga; Mauricio Sperdutti, Hernán Bernardello, Lucas Bernardi (Diego Leandro Armani 64), Leonel Vangioni (Ernesto Cristaldo 85); Mauro Formica (Leandro Torres 75), Santiago Salcedo.


Gastón Pezzutti; Sebastián Rocco, Gabriel Loeschbor, Héctor Desvaux, Santiago Ladino; Walter Busse, Silvio Iuvalé, Ariel Montenegro (Santiago Andrés Ladino 59), Ricardo Gómez (Matías Cahais 74); Mauricio Ferradas (Juan Arraya 63), Pablo Calandria.



Jeremy said...

They outplayed Gimnasia everywhere, even in the first half when they were out of sorts. Bernardi had a monster game. What a great signing he is turning out to be. I also wonder about Salcedo's affect on the game, although he played his tail off.

Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

Hey David check this web site out.

It's in spanish but I think you can handle

There you gonna found all statistics of la lepra against all teams, and more.

Take care.

vamos la lepra!!!

Pepe Lepra

David Phillips said...

Wonderful site, Pepe. Only way they could make it better that I can think of is if they listed the last 5 games or so against an opponent.