Saturday, February 28, 2009

11 Years Of Frustration

With Newell's game today at El Coloso there is the chance to stop an 11 year streak with out a win against Colon at home. Yes, that's right, for nearly a dozen years Colon have come to El Coloso and kept the home team at bay. It was in 1997 that Newell's last claimed a victory against a visiting Colon. Mind blowing.
November 2, 1997, Mario Zanabria was in charge at Newell's, and his team won 3-2 on two goals from Saldaña, and one from Rocha. In fact Newell's have not beaten Colon in an official match anywhere in a very long time. The last away win was April 14th 1998.

Due to this long winless streak, Newell's over all record against this team is 16 wins, 25 ties, and 21 losses. Here's hoping that today brings the start of a new streak, a winless streak for Los Sabaleros.

Let them go fishing for points against other opponents.

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