Saturday, February 28, 2009

22 Games, And Running

Once again, I was unable to watch as Newell's ended up with a 1-1 draw at home, this time against Colón de Sante Fe. Unlike last week's game, I was not stuck at work, but, instead, the internet feeds that have allowed myself, and many others, are being clamped down. While I found many sites that hadthe game, all lead to the same feed, which required an access code from the web site that it was fed through.

As mentioned in the game preview, Colón have had Newell's number for some time now. 22 league games in a row, to be exact, Newell's have failed to claim a full 3 points.


Sebastián Dario Peratta; Ignacio Pillud, Rolando Schiavi, Juan Insaurralde, Juan Quiroga; Mauricio Sperdutti, Lucas Bernardi, Pablo Martin Monsalvo (Leandro Torres 86,) Leonel Vangioni (Ernesto Cristaldo 72;) Mauro Fórmica (Damian Steinert 65,) Santiago Salcedo


Diego Pozo; Alexis Ferrero, Marcelo Goux, Salustiano Candía; Germán Rivarola, Diego Martín Chitzoff (Sebastián Sciorilli 21,) Sebastián Prediguer, Nicolás Torres (Alfredo Ramírez 74,) Matias Oyola; Fabián Castillo (Daley Mena 59,) Esteban Fuertes


Newell's: Juan Quiroga (7)
Colón: Germán Rivarola (80)

And so, no celebrations for this game... just to cheer myself up, here's the goals from Friday night's Banfield win over Rosario Central:

Watch the first goal carefully. Yes, that's Diego Braghieri of Central scoring... into his own net!

Yes, Sin Aliento seem bound and determined to take the drop. We'll miss you when your gone.

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