Monday, February 2, 2009

Sold, But Not Forgotten: Germán Ré

Germán Ré has been sold to Estudiantes de La Plata. We all knew someone was going to be sold, but it's hard to see Ré go. He's been a part of part of Newell's defense for so long, sense his debut in 1999, it's like a piece of the team's heart has been torn out... I simply can't imagine him playing in anything other than rojinegro. It's going to be very difficult when the time comes where we'll have to see him play against his life long team. I imagine it will be even more difficult for him to play that game, but, the professional that he is, I'm sure he'll manage.

Also gone is
Ariel Zapata, but his retirement was already known. Off to Paraguay go Diego Barreto to Sol de América, and Walter Fretes to Cerro Porteño. So far only Lucas Bernardi is the only in coming player, from Monaco (FRA) on a free transfer as he's used an option to end his contract with them.

With the Clausura only two weeks away, I doubt that these will be the final moves. More players are bound to be sold to restore the team's depleted coffers... and still no sale of the unhappy/ungrateful Ogro, Fabbiani. I'll celebrate like it were a championship the day he's another team's problem.

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