Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Times, They Are A Changing

Where once, under a Rat named Lopez, the Barras Brava where allow the run of the Newell's stadium and other facilities, they are now treated as what they are, criminals.

La Capital yesterday featured the headline "La barra brava provocó incidentes en la cancha de Newell's: hay 21 detenidos" followed by an article on a group of idiots brandishing weapons made their way into the team's offices, threatened club members and staff, broke a few office fixtures, and departed. Newell's treasurer, Jorge Ricobelli, stated that there were some 25-30 thugs, who tried to persuade the new administration to embrace them through a show of force.

As much as I hate seeing this kind of news, there is a silver lining. According to the police 21 arrests were made as the Barras were leaving in 2 minivans, 2 were minors. A 9 mm pistol, and several knives were found on these individuals.

I hope this to be a clear sign that the age of the Barras Brava is nearing an end, and true fans will once again be able to make full use of the clubs many features. The name, after all, is Club Atletico Newell's Old Boys, and the Futbol Club is but a part of the whole.

Pictured here is Don Juan Garcia at the age of 84, along with some of the trophies he won while representing Newell's. Before Lopez came into power, Newell's fielded teams in women's field hockey, both men and women's basketball, figure skating (roller skating, but still,) and participants in Special Olympics.

Lorente has expressed an interest in returning some of these activities to the club, which Lopez and his Barras friends did away with. Here's to the future Champions at Newell's, in whatever competition they may compete in!

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