Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Newell's over Colón 1-0

Here's how Newell's lined up:

Sebastián Peratta; Iván Pillud, Rolando Schiavi, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Ernesto Cristaldo; Gastón Machín, Hernán Bernardello, Leonel Vangioni; Leandro Torres; Steinert y Leandro Armani.

The fact that Deigo Torres place was taken by Steinert has me wondering if Deigo is up for a transfer to raise some much needed cash. Still, good to see Steinert giving a chance. I always thought he had the skill, just that he had a bit of injury trouble early in his career, and then wasn't given a chance... hopefully those days are over.

I don't recognize Leandro Armani by name. Everyone else in the line-up is a known quantity, though some haven't had much game time. Haven't seen any mention of subs.

There's some sort of rumor that Edgar Davids is interested in playing in Argentina, with the two teams he's looking at being River and Newell's. I don't care how reliable the source, not sure I can believe this one.

And of course there's the eternal story of Newell's, El Ogro, and River dancing around and never settling on a figure.

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