Sunday, January 4, 2009

Own A Piece Of History

Latest word is that Newell's Old Boys are looking to replace the seats at El Coloso del Parque, the catch is that, being cash strapped, they needed a way to pay for the replacements. In a financial pinch that they are in, innovation sparked an idea... why not sell the old seats to the fans?

Now, living here in Detroit, in the state of Michigan, in a country called the United States of America, this is not a new thing. In fact, I only need to look a few years back when the Detroit Tigers abandoned Tiger Stadium and moved to Comerica Park. The seating from the old stadium were sold off.

The difference, of course, is that in the case of the Tigers the money for the sale wasn't a necessity. In the case of Newell's, barring the money that went missing under the previous administration suddenly being returned, the need is most evident.

For this reason, below can be found the information as I understand it:

One Seat: $ 40
Two Seats: $ 80
Three Seats: $ 110
Four Seats: $ 135

For any questions, reserve a seat, etc:
0341 - 153 802326

Now, as I said, this is the word, that does not make it fact. I went to looking for confirmation, but saw nothing posted there on the subject.

To see the original article, in Spanish, go to


Jeremy said...

You read it right. I still haven't seen it anywhere else, but those guys at that site are probably the most responsible for taking out Lope$ so I think it is safe to call it the truth. Plus they are in charge of directing all the fans who show up to help work on the stadium.

Anonymous said...

I uploaud a couple of pictures in my my space, you can see people working at the pool and stadium removing old seats from the platea vieja, also a picture of Maxi Rodriguez visiting the club, he's a great leper's fan.

David Phillips said...

Thanks, Pepe. I know of Maxi's love for the team from interview's I've read. Between that, and his fantastic goal against Mexico, he remains one of my favorite players.