Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lucas Bernardi To Return... Fabbiani, Fabbiani, Fabbiani

With the aftermath begining to settle, Newell's are in no position to spend a dime on in coming players. To the rescue would come Lucas Bernardi on a free transfer, and he says he know's the situation, he just wants to come back and help out.

The question is, will the move work? Right now, I'd say that he'd only come back to face Hernán Bernadello for a place on the starting 11. Then again, maybe it would allow one of them to venture forward more often.

I'm still expecting a January fire sale. Bernardi I don't see going. Fabbiani we know is gone, good ridence, so long, have fun a River when they go down in three years (did I really just wish that on Los Millonarios? If they fill their team full of foul smelling mercenaries like El Ogro, it's just what they deserve.)

No, forget that. I want to see the deal with River fall through, and Fabbiani end up with Los Canallas. It will give me reason to hate him proper.

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Anonymous said...

Fabiani is gone, I don't care about him, I knew if lopez stay anyway Fabiani wouldn't stay. Everybody remember how Lopez acted.

Bernardi is a great player and he's a Newell's fan.

I wonder what happend whit Stenier?
he is a good delantero, I want to see steinert with Leandro Torres and Sperdutti together.

Happy new year!!!!!!

Pepe Lepra