Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Win Over Boca Jrs In 1991 Recognized Once Again

I have already mentioned that Newell's have a new website in a previous entry, but I do need to expand on that a bit. Looking at the list of the team's championships there is one that has been added which Ratopez and his lot left out.

There was a time when, after the Apertura and Clausura champions had been crowned, they would play home and away matches for the over all season's championship. In 1991 the Apertura '90 champion was Newell's Old Boys, who took 28 points from a possible 38. (Back then there were only 2 points awarded for a win.) The Clausura '91 was won by Boca Jrs, who were unbeaten, for 32 points.

The first leg of the over all championship play off was hosted by Newell's, as the Apertura winner, and they proceeded to win that game 1-0 on a goal by Berizzo. In the second leg, at La Bonbonera, Boca equaled the score by way of Reinoso.

The score level after the two games, the championship went to penalties, Newell's taking the title by a 3-1 penalty margin. The above picture is a wallpaper found at the new website, and is my favorite out of the lot on available at the moment. It commemorates all 6 of Newell's championship titles.

Gracias, Lorente, por recordarnos este campeonato olvidado.

Feliz Navidad a todos los Leprosos en todo el mundo.

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Anonymous said...

Hey David I went to the first final game at the Gigante and wasn't able to go in the second at the bombonera, but we never forgot that champinship, becouse all Buenos Aires media were giving like champion to Boca even the most important sports magazine were having a set up for the magazine cover " Boca Campeon" they put that cover you know where? ha ha

Referee was partial allways against Newell's they were wanted to win at any cost but we had the better team , and the better coach Marcelo Bielsa. And we are the only one team that won a final and become a champion in la boca and agaist boca. we will never forget that happy moment.

Go la lepra!!!