Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boca Jrs Apertura Champions

After three play off games, San Lorenzo beat Tigre 2-1, Boca beat San Lorenzo 3-1, and Tigre won against Boca 1-0. All teams involved won a game, and lost a game, but Boca comes out the winner on goal difference, as they had a +1 in that catagory, with Tigre even, and San Lorenzo at -1.

Looking at that with a suspicious eye, one might wonder... all three teams save face for having won a game. It seems a bit convinent, almost as if it were scripted. Almost, save that if that were true, wouldn't it be Los Cuervos even on goals, with Tigre the one to have the negative tally?

I certainly wouldn't suggest that the matches were fixed to either Juan Daniel Forlin of Boca Jrs or Andrés Néstor Silvera of San Lorenzo. They gave their all in the short time they were on the pitch in the game in which the two team faced each other. Going for the same ball, they ran into each other full force, and both ended up in hospital for their effort.

Forlin in fact had to be saved by the quick thinking of one of the coaching staff members, as after the collision he was turning blue from nearly swallowing his tongue.

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