Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Newell's Website

With Ratopez is no more. Replacing it we now have, and frankly I'm surprised they have it up and running already. Guess the boys at MOLE were working on it before the election. Sure, there are a few glitches to iron out, and I'm sure they will make some modifications before they're completely happy with it, but isn't that always the case?

Personally, I think the Wallpaper section could use some work. They have plenty to choose from, but they are all a bit too busy for my tastes. At least I haven't come across the picture of a Nuls BB "assulting" a Canalla from behind... I always thought that it was in very poor taste. Yes, Central are our rivals, but I don't feel that they should be viewed as an enemy, but more like a troublesome younger brother.

The site also has a nice notices section, from which I've learned that, yes, indeed, Sensini has been convinced to take the reigns as the club's new futbol DT (director técnico, as coachs are called... technical directors.)

There's even a page set labeled "PAGINAS AMIGAS," friend's pages. I'm going to submit my blog for inclusion on that page, though I don't know whether it will be accepted... we'll see.


Jeremy said...

Sensini declined the offer finally, although he looked like he would take it. I think they are going after Cabrero again, but I am not sure.

David Phillips said...

So, round and round it goes. I guess we can't be sure of anything until the they start getting ready for the Clausura.

David Phillips said...

And takes another turn... It is Monday morning, and we're back to stories that Sensini will be meeting with Dezotti and Bermúdez, and will be signing a constract that will last a year and a half.

lepraaaaa said...

I think your blog will be accepted!