Monday, April 20, 2009

Are We Going For A Record?

Between 20 April and 14 October 1990, Racing Club set a record by drawing 10 league games in a row. That was over the course of two Championships. I discovered that trivia tidbit while trying to find out the most games tied during a 19 game Agentine League championship. With yesterday's 1-1 tie at home against Godoy Cruz, Newell's are up to 6 over 10 games.

This was another game that I didn't get to see, as I had a previous commitment, but, having seen the video of the goals, I have one question that I would love to have a good answer to. Why, oh why does Sensini look like someone had shot his dog when Newell's tied the game? Watch for yourselves:

At around 1:20-1:30 for the video, tell me that that's a happy coach. Go ahead, I dare you.

Now, to be fair, in the following video, they show Sensini in a far more positive light:

Still, added together with his reactions to all the near misses Newell's had during the previous match against Tigre (a match that I did see,) it has me wondering if, after a run of 8 games with out a win, Sensini has gone a bit out of his mind.


xxx said...

Maybe Sensini prefer to lose the game than to have the dubious record of 6 drawn games.

David Phillips said...

Considering Vagioni's goal was scored in the 47th minute, there was plenty of time to try to secure a win.

Thanks for the thought XXX, but that just sounds like a SINAS way of thinking...

xxx said...

Sorry for being a bit ignorant but what is 'SINAS way of thinking'?

David Phillips said...

Sinas is a short form of Sin Aliento, which is a nickname for Newell's crosstown rival, and current relegation candidate, Rosario Central.

Literal translation is "without breath."

Basically I am just saying that for Sensini to prefer a loss to a draw he would have to be a closet Central fan.