Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Newell's vs Godoy Cruz - Full Highlights 4/19/09

This shows that, just like the game against Tigre the week before, Newell's came close on a number of chances. In fact it looked like Schiavi had tied it up, but the linesman had his flag up. I couldn't make out just why... yes, it looks like a couple of Newell's players could have been called offsides, but they weren't directly involved in the goal. That sort of thing usually doesn't get called.

Another interesting note is that this game featured a pair of brothers, Mauro for Newell's and Lautaro Formica for Godoy. Be sure to watch at the end of the video for the interviews. Both brothers are featured, though Mauro's time get's hijacked by his father.

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