Saturday, April 4, 2009

Newell's Play Better, But Still Draw At Home

The match was a tale of two Sebastiáns, as the best two players on the field in my opinion were the two keepers, Peratta for Newell's and Torrico for Argentinos Jrs. Both came up with some critical stops, both played positionally sound games. In the end, both only allowed one goal.

Sensini experimented with the line up for Newell's, playing a 4-3-3 formation with Fórmica, Armani, and Damian Steinert starting up front. Fórmica and Armani continue to impress me, but unfortunately Steinert just couldn't find his rhythm... his passing was good, but every time he tried to beat a defender with the ball at his feet he lost it. He was subbed out in favor of Salcedo at the half, but Salcedo, while he came close on a couple of chances, still didn't show me that he's the solution.

La Lepra dominated most of the game, at least possession wise, finally taking the lead in the 52nd minute off a lovely header from Armani. At that point, however, things seemed to break down a bit as the tide of play swayed in Argentinos' favor. Ignacio Canuto of Argentinos tied the match during the 75 minute.

All in all, a disappointing result, but coming off the thrashing the team was given in the prior match it's an improvement.

I'll add in the video highlights (hopefully there will be one that shows more than just the goals... there were a few notable saves by both keepers that I'd love to see again) as soon as I can find such.

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