Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bring Me The Head Of Roberto Néstor Sensini

Eight games into the Clausura and already the head hunters are sharpening their spears... at least that's what I'm seeing on Facebook.

With two wins to start the championship, the second being at La Bombonera, gave everyone, including myself (even after I posted in this very blog that things would get worst before they got better,) high hopes. Now, after a run of 4 ties and 2 loses, springs up the Facebook group SENSINI; por favor andate.

No doubt this is why the man didn't want the job in the first place; he knew from his previous experience as a Director Technico that he wasn't the man for the job. Thing is, who else was available at the time of his hiring?

Now, there are a few voices of reason in this, and below is a posting calling for reason in the above mentioned Facebook group:

"Leandro Rossi (Argentina) wrote
at 9:59am
Pumpido estuvo 18 fechas sin ganar y nadie le decia nada.
Los jugadores que representaba pimpi no agarraban 1 y nadie los puteaba, ahora putean a todos.
Estuvimos 14 años con un delicuente de presidente con varios complices y nadie gritaba nada.
No rompan las bolas, ganamos 2 perdimos 2 y empatamos 4. Hay que seguir alentando que ya vamos a salir.
Venimos de 14 años debastadores, pretendian salir campeon este año? demasiado se hizo en 3 meses."

Leandro, I agree that we should not expect Newell's to be champions this year, not even during the coming Apertura. But your other comments I must protest. No one said anything while Pumpido was in charge and went 18 games without a win? OK, so I wasn't blogging at the time, nor was I on Facebook, but there are those who can attest that I had plenty to say about the quality of the former goaltender's handling of the club at that time.

As for 14 years of Ratopez and his lot, it took a lot of courage for what finally happened this past December to occur. Simply put, when a rat bastard is in charge, and lets the Bravas have the run of the club your not going to have the common hincha, or even the any of the players saying much, all because of the fear these terrorists generated. Yes, that's right, in my eyes the Barras Bravas are nothing more than futbol terrorists, and I would be happiest if they are disbanded, fractured, or, even better, simply vanish from the face of the Earth.

This does not mean that I wish them any harm, rather that they need to change their ways. Granted, this isn't too likely to happen, but I can hope. Just as I can hope that Sensini can get Newell's back on a winning track.


Anonymous said...

You got to understand, many people are upset because we can't win lately and blame Sensini for all Newell's problems and also because "no breaths" are wining, they said Sensini got no idea for lead a team. I don't agree, I think Sensini got a lot of experience as player, champion with Newell's 1988, many year in Argentina's seleccion, and a long career in Italy, I believe that he learned a lot. But the hinchas don't think, they see results.

Time will tell, I hope he come back to winning, I see him like a big name in teh history of Newell's but also know futbol is this way you win you are god you lose you are the worst.

take care I hope you can understand my bad english.


Pepe Lepra

David Phillips said...

Si, claro, Pepe.

I can see both sides to this arguement. All the experience in the world as a player does not mean you will be a great DT. Just look at Zanabria, another of many idols from Newell's past. He was great as a player, a true midfield general, but he's only had limited success leading from the bench.

As for Sensini, he just doesn't seem to have the right intensity for the job. Still, I'm hoping he can prove me wrong on that point.