Sunday, May 3, 2009

Featherless Hens

Finally, after going 9 straight games with out a win, Newell's pulled one out of the hat at home. Making this a extra special win was that this was Fabbiani's first game against Newell's wearing the diagonal red strip of River Plate after having turned his back on La Lepra.

I'll keep this simple, and quick, as I must be off shortly. Mauro Formica scored the loan goal in the 82nd minute, and, from what I saw of the game (missed the entire first half due to computer problems... more on that when I post the video for the game) El Ogro was pretty much a non factor.

In fact, if I had to pick a player who defined this game, I'd actually have to go with River's goalkeeper, Daniel Vega. He made a number of stops look easy that a lesser keeper would have had trouble with. In fact, he even got a hand on Formica's goal... just not enough to save it!

And so, the hens have been plucked, next week Los Canallas! Right now Rosario Central are ahead of Newell's in the standings by 3 points, which makes a must win game even more important than ever. They are also still sitting in the relegation playoff zone, with an average of 1.178 points per game over the last three seasons. For them to end up relegated and finish higher in the standings than Newell's just isn't acceptable.


Apathetic said...

Fabiani's 15 appearances and 5 goals for Newell's don't sound a lot to be called turned his back when he moved to River.
By the way when he was at Jerusalem it was all arguments and fights. Not a very stable lad.

David Phillips said...

The 15 games he played may only have resulted in 5 goals for himself, but because of the way he was playing it created a lot of goals for others.

No, he didn't turn his back on Newell's until the Lopez reign ended. Then it was suddenly revealed that he hadn't been paid, and he demanded his money or he wanted to leave.

Lorente (the new team president) and his new administration then some how managed to get the cash together to pay him, and he then stated that he still wanted to leave.

In order to turn your back on something, you must first embrace it, or at least appear to do so. He had been an integral part of the team's offense, and at the end of the 08 Apertura Fabbiani was well on his way to being an idol at Newell's.

And then the team wasn't good enough for him.

Apathetic said...

As I said even in Betar Jerusalem he was playing more tricks than futbol, and in such a crazy city to do those things people wont forgive...believe me I was born there...its mad.

As a River suporter, like Sam from Hasta, I am not sure if getting it was a good idea. Days will tell.

Thanks by the way for your response on my previous comment, and I enjoy reading your blog.


David Phillips said...

Considering all the weight he gained during the time off between the Apertura and the Clausura, I'm sure River are not all that happy.

We'll see if he doesn't ask for yet another move at the end of the current campaign.