Monday, May 11, 2009

Kissing Your Ugly, Sweaty Sister

Need I say more about Newell's draw against crosstown rival Rosario Central?

Well, of course I have more to say. I watched as much of the game as I could, but the feed I was watching was so glitchy that I was constantly having to close down it's window and restart it. Still, I did manage to see both goals.

Formica scored for Newell's during the 21st minute, a beautiful shot from outside of the area that threads it's way between two Central defenders on it's way to the net. Emilio Zelaya tied things up during the 80th with what I can only describe as excrement occurring. Below is 5 minutes worth of highlights, much of which is just the players coming onto the field to start the game.

According to an article on Central's keeper, Jorge Broun, was the player of the game. Well, when you take 10 shots, 8 of which are on target, and you only score 1 goal, I guess you have to give the devil, or in this case the Canalla (Scoundrel,) his due.

I'll leave you then with thoughts I first presented as a Facebook status update right after the end of the game:

There is a saying in sports that a tie is like kissing your sister... then a tie against your arch rival is like kissing your ugly sister, who has bad breath, right after she's just gone on a mile run.

Excuse me, but I must go take a shower and use some mouthwash now.

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