Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hell Freezes Over: USA Advances

Thanks to a 3-0 victory over Egypt, and Brazil's win over Italy by the same score, the US Nats have squeezed their way through to the second round of the Confederations Cup. Brazil topped the group with three wins, while US, Italy and Egypt each ended with one win and two loses.

With three teams tied on points for second, we, of course, go to goal difference. On that score, the US and Italy were tied at -2... the USA advanced by the fact that they'd scored a total of four goals to Italy's total of 3. Ironically Italy scored all three of their goals against the US.

Yes, it was a cold day in Hell.

As badly as the US team had played in their first two games, I doubt that anyone was expecting them to play as well as they did today. In fact I'd say that they played better today that then have sense 2005 when they rolled through their World Cup 2006 Qualifiers.

Even Landon Donovan, whom I seldom have had kind words for over the past 3 years, had an outstanding game. There were a couple of plays where he should have tried to shot but elected to try and pass instead, but that could be down to coach Bob Bradley's instructions.

Below are the goals, accompanied by an appropriately inspired sound track:

Now the USA only has to face Spain in the second round. They're only on a run of 15 straight wins... shouldn't be anything to worry about. Well, if you believe in miracles.

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