Saturday, June 13, 2009

Javier Collado Is A Bastard

I shouldn't write this right now, I should wait until I calm down. Thing is, I've a feeling that if I wait, it would just mean that I'd have nothing to write about. Or that I'd just get all pissed off again when I did write about it...

Going into today's match, I knew Newell's were not going to have an easy time of it. Vélez Sarsfield were in second place for a reason, simply put, they are one of the best teams in Argentina at the moment. They have a firecracker of an attacking midfielder by the name of Maxi Moralez that can win games nearly single by himself. The game was played in a stadium packed with Vélez supporters, and you can't discount the effect of the twelfth player. What I didn't know was that they'd have a thirteenth man.

Javier Collado was the referee for the game, and in all he gave out 6 cards, all to Newell's players. In fact, he only called a total of 3 fouls against Vélez, while blowing his whistle 11 times for infractions by Newell's.

Bernardi was shown a direct red in the 41st minute, 2 minutes after Hernán López had given Vélez the lead. The yellows went to Ignacio Pillud (34th minute,) Nicolás Spolli (39,) Juan Quiroga (69,) Juan Insaurralde (88,) and Pablo Monsalvo (90.) The most frustrating was Quiroga's which occurred when he was called for a questionable hand ball. Yes, the ball came into contact with his arm, but it was one of those 50-50 calls, the Vélez player who played the ball was so close to him that Quiroga barely had time to think, let alone move. The card came when Quiroga questioned the call. He didn't get into Collado's face, he didn't spit at the ref, but, unless he was swearing at the ref, I saw nothing that deserved a card.

Now I'm not saying that the other cards weren't warranted, but there were fouls that could have been called on Vélez that Mr Collado ignored. In fact, I'd say that the three he did call could well have seen another referee booking a player or two.

Moralez scored in the 56th minute when the ball made it's way to his feet while he was unmarked in the penalty area. That, even when down a man, should not have been allowed to happen. 2-0 in the favor of Vélez, and that was how the score remained.

It could well have ended that way anyway, as Newell's did not put on their best performance of the Clausura. I'm just saying that Vélez had an easier time of it as it seemed the ref was wearing a blue V under his uniform.

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