Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Signings, Departures, and Speculation

J. Boghossian (Cerro de Montevideo), Martín Seri (San Martín SJ), P. Dolci (Chacarita), and M. Quiroga (Talleres).

Joaquín Boghossian is a 22 year old forward from Uruguay. Martín Seri is a 25 yr old midfielder who is returning from being on loan to San Martín de San Juan in the Primera B Nacional (third division.) Pablo Dolci and Matias Quiroga are midfielders, but that is all I could find on them.

Steinert (Racing), Spolli (Catania), Cristaldo, Donnet, Monsalvo, and G. Pinto.

I'm sad to see Damián Steinert go. At 23, he's still young, and I think deserved another chance after all the injury troubles he's been through. Nicolás Spolli will also be missed. He's been a solid defender sense his debut in 2005, and will be difficult to replace.

Cristaldo, Donnet, Monsalvo, and G. Pinto were all simply released, and are free to sign with new teams. None were starters over the last few seasons. In fact, I only recall Donnet ever having a role as a starter.

Rumored/in negotiations:
P. Velázquez (Rubio Ñú de Paraguay), Sánchez Prette (Cluj de Rumania) and Roselli (Aldosivi).

Pablo Velázquez is another Paraguayian forward, like we need another of those. I couldn't find much on him. Sánchez Prette is a midfielder. He had been playing for Estudiantes on loan from his Romanian side. Nahuel Roselli is another midfielder from Aldosivi in the National B. He turned 24 in May.

For the full list of transfers from all the teams, use the link below:

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