Monday, August 10, 2009

The Good, The Bad, And The Down Right Ugly

OK, good news first... Newell's Old Boys have revealed their new jerseys for the up coming season. I really like the look of the new shirt, and will have to a) scrap some money together, then b) find a way to purchase one. I haven't seen any figures on how much new shirt sponsor Macro Bank is paying for their name on the jerseys, but every bit counts.

Newell's new jersey, thanks to Roberto Benedetto via

The bad news is that the AFA is delaying the start of the Apertura, and the reasons are down right ugly. Too many teams are in debt, it seems, and are in a mad scramble to balance their books. My thanks to a Forum buddy, and fellow Lepra, Rosarino for the following list:

Primera: Independiente, River, Racing, San Lorenzo, Newell's, Central y Huracán.

B Nacional: Unión, Aldosivi, San Martín (San Juan), Platense, Ferro, Quilmes y Olimpo.

B Metro: Morón, Estudiantes (Caseros), Nueva Chicago, Almagro, Español, Temperley y Flandria

The AFA is trying to get more money out of their TV contract, but that's not likely to happen. The following is from a Sports Illustrated article on the matter:

It's been widely reported that the AFA wants to transfer the rights to state-run government Canal 7, which would pay about 600 million pesos ($154 million) with the indebted clubs gaining a windfall.

Of course, TyC is threatening court action if this happens.

"What AFA is asking for, we can't do," TyC president Marcelo Bombau said. "Besides, we have a signed contract until 2014. This is like if someone rents an apartment for 2,000 pesos, and after he's told: "Now, give me 4,000."

This is not the first time something like this has happened. I recall not too long ago, though I don't remember the year, the AFA threatening to relegate teams from the Primera/National A down to the National B if they didn't clear up their debts. Nothing came of that threat, and so the figures in red continued to build.

The Apertura was supposed to start this coming weekend, with Newell's travelling to Independiente. We'll have to see what happens, but in the end I wouldn't be surprised if Don Julio Grondona (head of the AFA) doesn't relent and the season starts as scheduled.

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