Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Much Can We Stand?

OK... it's Sunday, and I'm a bit late on posting my thoughts on Friday's game between Newell's and Argentinos Jrs. Sorry, but I'm still trying to claim down enough to speak about it intelligently. So far, no luck, so I'm settling for a short post, and a view of the lone goal, score 1-0 Argentinos.

The lone goal came off a penalty when Machuca, who had come on early in the first half for Schiavi, fouled Facundo Coria just inside the area. Néstor Ortigoza made no mistake with the ensuing shot.

Again, Newell's continues to play long balls to the forwards, who have yet to latch onto one for any kind of chance on goal, as the defenders from the other team already know what to expect. Sensini's tactics have done nothing but made the team dull and predictable.

Roberto, get a clue. Can't you see what's happening? The only coach I know of that's more in the dark is Diego Maradona with the Argentine National Team. Not sense 1970 has there been a group of such talented Albicelestes that didn't make it past the World Cup Qualifiers.

Yes, Argentina may still make it to South Africa next year, but not with the way they are playing under D10S.


Anonymous said...

David, do you know what happend with Jeremy? he just disappears. Maybe you can cover his place at theoffside.

Go la lepra!!!

Pepe Lepra.

David Phillips said...

Pepe, I was wondering about Jeremy myself. Thing is, he seemed a bit of a fair weather fan, posting regularly when the team was playing well, but not so much when they dropped in form.

As he never wrote (that I saw) about how he came to be a fan of Newell's, I half suspect it was more a class room assignment to him... who knows for sure, save for he and his friends. I only knew him through his blog.

As for writing for theoffside, it's a thought. Do they pay? Otherwise, I'd prefer to have the freedom to write of things other than Newell's when my fancy takes me there.