Friday, September 18, 2009

Missing Person Report: Jeremy Holloman

Pepe Lepra asked in a comment if I knew what had happened to Jeremy, who had been blogging about Newell's on I tracked down Jeremy's profile on theoffside. I'm afraid it looks like he may have been a fair weather fan:

"Why Newell’s you might ask? Good question, but no good answer. I have never been south of Costa Rica and most of the games I get to watch are on the computer. I was just tired of the Boca/River/et al focus in Argentina and started checking out other teams about the time I saw Newell’s play a game several years ago. I was hooked."

My love of Newell's, however, did come from living in Rosario... well, Fishertown mostly, for three of the most formative years during a boy's life. But that's all in my profile... and if I start writing about that, I won't get to work this morning.

The question is, what happened to Jeremy?

Jeremy, if you read this, please let us know. I, we do miss your blog. You understanding of the Spanish language is far superior to mine. That gave you access to news that I'd stumble over and not understand, and thus could not post any sort of opinion on.

At the very least, let us know that you are alive, and how your doing.

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