Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bravo! Newell's Beat Lanús In Buenos Aires

What a difference from the first four games! Newell's played well, and there were far fewer long balls up the middle. I don't know who got into Sensini's head, but I'd like to shake his hand! Not only did the change in tactics produce a 2-0 win, but both goals were scored by our forwards, Achucarro bagged the first in the 21st minute after a brief battle for the ball in the penalty area, while Boghossian got the second with a beautiful header in the 54th.

Boghossian did miss what should have been an easy chance later in the game, when Achucarro feed him from the left. As the announcers pointed out, if the game were still tied, or if Lanús were leading at that point, it would have lead to a lot of criticism for the young Uruguayan. Instead, let's acknowledge the efforts made by Lanús keeper Caranta to get back in position to make the save.

While Caranta was the best player for his team, I have to say that Peratta was better still. He made a number of fine saves, never appeared to be out of position. Still, I'd have to say the man of the match was Achucarro, who never gave up on any ball he had a chance at, and it paid off for him a number of times.
Goal: Achucarro
Goal: Boghossian

The only thing I'm worried about now is that we played a 3-4-3. Playing with 3 defenders against a Lanús team that is not exactly starting the season well, that's one thing. I'm not sure how well it will hold up against better opponents.

Not much to complain about as far as the referee went. Diego Abal did a decent enough job... save for missing the elbow to Bernardi's face/neck in the 30th minute. That should have been at least a yellow.

In other good news, Jeremy has reappeared. He posted a pregame note yesterday.

Welcome back, Jeremy!

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