Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sánchez Prette Scores His First Goal For Newell's

The bad news is that it was during a 2-1 loss away to Banfield. Now, it's always difficult to write about a loss, but that does not excuse my putting off doing so. No, that would be more due to the fact that I have been under the weather this weekend, and the fact that I missed the vast majority of the game. All I can really claim to have seen was the last ten minutes.

With in those ten minutes, I can say that it was good to see Newell's fighting for an equalizer. In fact, as Newell's were setting up for a corner, Rolando Schiavi and Banfield's Santiago Silva were battling for position and got involved in a bit of a shoving match resulting in red cards for the two of them. Honestly, I've seen worst were given no more than yellow handed out, but if they'd been given verbal warnings by the referee earlier in the match...

Newell's took the lead during the 65th minute on the goal mentioned above, but with in a minute the referee called for a penalty at the over end, which was converted by Santiago Silva. I wish I had seen this, as the only video I've found does not show it, but joins in as the Newell's players are protesting the call with the official. Even the announcers were questioning the call.

Six minutes later, Colombian James Rodriguez put Banfield ahead with a blast from about 10 yards outside of the penalty area.

Looking at the statistics for the match it looks like it was a fairly even game. There are those that look at the loss and continue to clamor for Sensini to resign. There are those that call for the return of Gamboa. If I knew that Gamboa would agree to return, I'd be more than in favor.

However, if it takes the return of Edwardo Lopez for Gamboa to come back? I'd sooner join the voiceless chorus over at Central... Speaking of which, they lost for the first time during this Apertura, 1-0 against Colón.

Good to see Sinas take a loss, and nice of it to come to a team in Rojo y Negro... even if it isn't Newell's.

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