Saturday, October 3, 2009

Every Dog Has His Day

There were thoughts before the match that Sensini might return to a four man back line, due to the absence of Schiavi, as the defender sat out this home game against Atlético Tucumán because of the red card he received at the end of last week's match. Instead we had three in the back, as Newell's have been playing, but Insaurralde was the only regular starter out of the three defenders. The other two were Nacho Fideleff, and Nahuel Roselli.

This did nothing to aid Atlético, as all three defenders played will. The few chances that did get by them Peratta handled in a fashion that I'm becoming accustom to seeing out of him. If he had better hands (there were a couple of stops that he made that I'd have liked to have seen him catch the ball cleanly) I'd be making a case for him to be called up to the Albicelestes.

While it's hard to pick out one outstanding player in this game, I will single out the individual whom I think had the worst. Antonio Joaquín Boghossian, what were you doing out there most of this game? No, you didn't play badly, you did put in the cross to Insaurralde for the first goal. But other than that, you passing was weak, for all your height you didn't win any important headers... Still, he didn't cost us anything, so I can't be too upset.

But the second goal wins my point, I think. Sánchez Prette put a nice pass up to Achucarro. There were two defenders back, and Boghossian was to Achucarro's left. Achucarro beat one defender, and the second went to challenge him, leaving Bogossian wide open, he would have only had to beat Lucas Ischuk in Atlético's net. Not a chance, Achucarro took the shot, and it was Newell's 2-0.

The third goal was my favorite of the Apertura so far. Mauro Fórmica came on with around ten minutes to go, and I wasn't happy about that. In my book, he's got to be starting, though I have to admit that Sánchez Prette has been doing a good job as our playmaker. Coming in for Sánchez Prette, I didn't think Mauro would have enough time to do much of anything in this game. Boy, was I wrong! Though he muffed a free kick, he was playing more like the Fórmica we know and love, weaving through defenders, laying off passes to teammates. And then, in the 88th minute, Cristian Nuñez made a break into the penalty area from the left, found Mauro coming up the middle, and Newell's were up 3-0.

So, now it's time to make a new plea to Sensini. Get Fórmica back into the starting line up. Put him up front in place of Boghossian, or in the playmaker role in place of Sánchez Prette, or even on the right side of midfield, where Dolci has played well, but not outstanding, but do it, please, for the fans, and for the team.

There was also a brief (30 second) delay in the game as the pitch was invaded... by a black dog that ran on the field during the 15th minute. If having canines run onto the field produces this kind of results, can we have one such delay every game?

In other good news, Arsenal took care of Central 1-0, so the Sinas have lost two in a row now. Could a Lepra have a better day?

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