Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fideleff Failings

It may not seem fair, but I have to lay the blame for Newell's only managing a 1-1 draw at Godoy Cruz de Mendoza on the shoulders of Ignacio Fideleff. His header in the 41st minute should have been a sure goal, for one thing. Instead it hit the bottom of the crossbar. He was also the last man beaten on the goal by former Lepra Leandro Torres which tied the game in the opening of the second half. Then late in the game he seemed to fade, and started committing far too many fouls.

Don't get me wrong, I think Nacho has a bright future. He's only 20 years old, which is far too young to label a defender a failure. He'll learn, he'll get better, he'll get stronger. With his size, and the power he puts into his headers he will be dangerous in dead ball situation for years to come.

I was glad to see that Sensini did in fact start Mauro "El Gato" Formica. It paid dividends in the 17th minute as Mauro scored in his second straight game. Thing is, rather than replacing Boghossian as I had suggested, he started in place of Acchucarro, who's on World Cup Qualifying duty with Paraguay.

Fideleff wasn't the only Newell's player to miss a header. Cristian Nuñez, who came on for Boghossian in the second half, had a chance with no one but keeper Ibáñez to beat, but the ball went harmlessly wide of the goal.

Also of note was that this was the second time a Newell's match was refereed by one Juan Pompei during this Apertura. Both games ended as draws.

Up next, Newell's are at home against Estudiantes.

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