Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Even Collado Can Bring Down Newell's

I got home just in time to see that Newell's were up 1-0, and to see Collado red card Barrientos for tossing the ball too far when returning it to the Colón after a foul. Bastard. (Barrientos was already on a yellow card from earlier in the match, but, from what I saw, Collado gave him a straight red.) Then, in the 16 minutes of the game I managed to see (including 6 minutes of injury time,) I twice saw Colón players jump onto the backs of Newell's players as if they expecting to be able to ride them, and while Collado did give a yellow on the one, he only called a foul on the second. Idiot.

Then, as he blew the whistle to end the game, Colón midfielder Germán Rivarola kicked the ball and struck Collado with it, which did result in a red card. That's when the entire Colón team started swarming around him, and soon the police with their riot shields came out to keep them from their quarry. I've said before that when Collado referees the loser will always have a reason blame him... if this doesn't prove that point, I don't know what will.

But enough about the insufferable officiating. Boghossian scored in the 65th minute to give Newell's the win, and a claim to sole possession of first place with three matches to go. It was a beauty of a goal, and the big man deserves all the credit for it, as he dribbled, that's right he dribbled, through two defenders, while a third tried to come from behind before drilling a shot past Colón goalkeeper Diego Pozo.

Please note that I have added a poll to the right to determine Newell's best player during the Apertura. A few weeks after the end of the season I will close this poll, and try and come up with a new one for the summer (I know it's winter here, where I'm writing this) break.

Up next Arsenal de Sarandí visit the soon to be renamed Coloso. More on that later... right now it's time to celebrate!


Apathetic said...

Without hesitation: Boghossian. I tried to vote, signed in, and the vote button is shaded. Also how long do you think Boghossian will stay at NEWELL'S?

David Phillips said...

Hmmm... don't know what's going on with the poll gadget. Could be due to my setting the comments up to be moderated after getting some spam comments a couple of weeks ago.

As for Boghossian staying with Newell's, I could hope his stay is a long one, but with the way he's scoring... someone is gonna make a huge offer for him eventually.

Apathetic said...

Works now. I voted for Boghossian and for that he will be somewhere else next year.