Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Referee Announced & Tales Of The Drunken Donkey

Please tell me it's a lie. Please tell me that the AFA did not just announce that Newell's match against River Plate will be refereed by... wait for it... Javier Collado. Fact is, there a list of all the referees for all of the up coming weekend's match ups:

Argentinos Juniors-Rosario Central, Mauro Giannini.
Independiente-Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, Carlos Maglio.
Lanús-Chacarita Juniors, Jorge Baliño.
Godoy Cruz-Racing, Rafael Furchi.
Newell's Old Boys-River Plate, Javier Collado.
Atlético Tucumán-Tigre, Cristian Faraoni.
San Lorenzo-Banfield, Sergio Pezzotta.
Estudiantes de La Plata-Vélez Sarsfield, Diego Abal.
Boca Juniors-Colón de Santa Fe, Luis Alvarez.

Looking at the list, there are three officials who have yet to handle a Newell's contest: Mauro Giannini, Cristian Faraoni, and Sergio Pezzotta. Instead we get Collado, who we've already had to suffer through twice. It's enough to have me pulling my hair out, which I've already lost enough of over the years.

Meanwhile Ariel Ortega did in fact leave River before their game againt Lanús. He is once again having alcoholism problems, this is nothing new with Ortega, as we've seen this behavior from him in the past. The president of River had a talk with "El Burrito" and convinced him to try a new treatment, and he has returned to training.
The above picture was found in the blog: Washington Cube.

In truth, I hope Ariel does get his alcoholism under control, but in the past he has made statements that he turns to the bottle because he's depressed by the fact that he can no longer play as he once did. At 35 he's not going to go back to where he was when he was in his prime, and heavy drinking is only going to speed the effects of aging. As a Newell's fan, I do have to give him credit for his part in bring us a title back in the Apertura 2004, even if his heart was with River even then.

One last note, the following picture is from a Halloween party from over the weekend, which one Eduardo Lopez tried to crash. Unfortunately for him, his costume made him far too recognizable, and he was quickly removed from the premises.


Jeremy said...

You get your wish, Prette is out for 5 matches for the tackle on Caceres. Hello Formica.

David Phillips said...

Fa... losing Sanchez Prette due to a 5 game ban is hardly what I was hoping for. Did the foul warrant a red card yes, but beyond the normal one game suspension? Not in my opinion.

Jeremy said...

It was actually his second yellow and not a straight red, so even the ref thought it wasn't an overly aggressive foul.

David Phillips said...

Oh, right, I was thinking back to his first red card. I didn't see the game against Racing, because I was at work.

Doesn't a second red card during the season get a two game ban? This still seems harsh.