Saturday, November 7, 2009

Surviving Collado

In all honesty, I'd have to say that Javier Collado called today's match between Newell's Old Boys and River Plate about as well as he's capable of doing. Sadly, he didn't call anything but the most flagrant of fouls, which in part explains the fact that for Newell's 6 fouls, they received 3 yellows, while River earned 6 yellows while being called for 8 fouls.

It could also explain why Barrientos spent much of the game with his head bandaged, while Achucarro went down injured as he was barring in on goal in the 44th minute. Simply put, if you don't call the fouls that should be called, the viciousness of the infractions will increase. In that respect, it's a good thing we were playing against River, who have never been known as a physical team.

Newell's dominated the much of the match, and it wasn't long before they took the lead, as Boghossian scored in the fourth minute. It's taken a while, but as he continues to score I've come to appreciate him. This goal was a nice half volley that Bogho looped over River's keeper Vega, something I'd never have expected the big man to do.

River looked, well, like anything but a River Plate team. There really was only one man on their side was 5'3" midfielder Diego Buonanotte, who gave Newell's a few scares before he evened things up in the 63rd minute. Up to that point I thought Newell's were certain to win, and as things worked out it was Boghossian with another brilliant header in the 79th minute that earned the three points for the home side.

What was really odd was seeing a River team play with a lone forward, our old friend "El Ogro" Fabbiani, who has yet to score this season in the nine games he's played. He was a shadow of the player that we saw during the last Apertura, his dribbling got him no where, and he never looked like a threat to score.

Mauro Fórmica did not have his best game offensively tonight, but did crack a shot from range that Vega handled easily, as well as making a couple of nice tackles the defused River from trying to put together a threat. I can't blame Mauro for not being effective offensively, any time he got the ball in the attacking third he soon had up to three defenders to deal with.

"El Burrito" Ortega did not dress for the match, but was at the game, sitting along the sidelines. He seemed to be enjoying watching the action, and one can only hope that he will eventually be able to deal with the fact that is career is nearing it's end. I'm sure with his love of the game he'll find a position somewhere in River's front office, on the bench as a coach, or maybe even covering the game as an announcer or reporter... if he can over come his demons.

Well, for now, Newell's are in sole possession of first place, with Banfield yet to play. That being the case, tomorrow call me a Cuervo, as I'll be hoping for San Lorenzo to do us a favor and beat "El Taladro."

Next week Newell's visit another old friend, as they play Chacarita Juniors, who's current coach is former Newell's player and coach Fernando Gamboa. By then, however, he may have moved on, as it's rumored that the AFA are interested in adding Gamboa to the national team's staff.


Jeremy said...

Astrada felt that River played as well as Newell's and deserved a draw. What match was he watching?

David Phillips said...

He must have a very narrow field of vision, and been focused on Buonanotte. Because of the this flea of playmaker, River might have managed a draw, but deserved it?