Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best Player Of The Apertura / Arsenal Preview

Alright, a few days ago I set up a poll to determine who, in your opinion, has been Newell's Old Boys' best player during the Apertura 2009. All ready there are a few votes cast, but nothing is set in stone, as you do have the ability to change your vote before the poll closes. That being the case, a look at the candidates is in order:

Joaquín Boghossian is our top scorer, with 9 goals in 15 games played. He's the Coloso de el Coloso, on top of the world, and deserves a lot of credit for the team doing so well. Now, I'm the one who questioned his talent early on, saying he was only good with his head, but game after game he's improved to the point where some may wonder why I even bothered with the poll... but let's not forget the men who have feed our goal scoring giant.

Jorge Achucarro works harder than perhaps any other player on the field, every minute of every game. He may have only scored 3 goals, but he sets up chances - he's been credited with 4 assists, and has given many a defense plenty of problems.

Christian Sánchez Prette has played well, but missed too many games due to suspensions - the five match suspensions for his second red card was a farce, but still... His stats don't do him justice, either. In 11 games played, he has 1 goal and 2 assists. Still, he is a good creative playmaker, and has to be considered.

Mauro Fórmica
3 goals and 2 assists so far, and has played in every match, though many of those were as a second half sub. I'd say he's at least as good as Sánchez Prette as a playmaker, and the fact that he's a better goal scorer puts him just a step ahead of his competition for the 10 slot on the team. During the last Clausura he was arguably the best player for Newell's, but this time round?

Rolando Schiavi has missed a 6 games due to injury and National team duty with Argentina, but he's still the inspirational team captain. The ex-Boca Juniors player has earned the love of many a Lepra, and deserves every bit of it. When he hasn't played, the defense just isn't quite the same. Boca have made noises of wanting him back, but it's been Rolando himself who has laughed them off.

Juan Insaurralde has been amazing in defense, when Schiavi couldn't play, he's held the defense together. When the both play, the defense is rock solid. Early on was the teams leading goal scorer. Only Boghossian's emergence has changed that. Could a call up to the Albicelestes be in this Juan's future?

Sebastián Peratta has played 15 matches so far during the Apertura. When the defense has let a shot get through, he's often been there to make the stop. He's allowed 11 goals, while being credited with 51 saves. Many of those saves have been critical, just as Boghossian's goal have lifted the team to it's current status, so have the saves from "El Flaco."

So, there are your candidates, cast your votes, feel free to change your mind, but mind the countdown. In the meantime, let's take a look at this weekend's match against Arsenal de Sarandí.

Hugo Barrientos is out of the match due to his suspension, damn Collado. Mateo's still out injured. That leaves the question, who plays along side Bernardi in Sensini's double defensive midfield mix? Word is that Franco Dolci has the inside track, with Juan Quiroga the other candidate for the job. Can't say that either one fills me with confidence, but against Arsenal, at home, there should be much to worry about.

Here's Newell's expected line up:

Sebastián Peratta
Alexis Machuca, Rolando Schiavi, Juan Insaurralde
Nahuel Roselli, Lucas Bernardi, Franco Dolci or Juan Quiroga, Leonel Vangioni
Mauro Fórmica
Jorge Achucarro, Joaquín Boghossian.

Cristian Sánchez Prette has one more game left to his suspension, if I'm not mistaken. Thing is, once it's over he may find it hard to dislodge Fórmica, after all, the team has been doing well with Mauro in the line up, just as Mauro had a hard time getting playing time before Sánchez Prette was suspended.

Arsenal also have a player suspended, forward Franco Jara.

Cristian Campestrini
Cristian Alvarez, Cristian Tula, Aníbal Matellán, Javier Yacuzzi
Sergio Sena, Facundo Pérez Castro, Claudio Mosca, Diego Galván
Alexander Medina, Jonathan López or Mauro Matos


Jeremy said...

Don't forget Bernardi in the poll. He's like a loose ball vacuum and he stops most unloose balls as well. As goes Lucas, so goes Newell's.

David Phillips said...

Good point, Jeremy. Unfortunately, once someone has voted, the poll can't be edited...

That said, anyone who wants to vote for Bernardi, or anyone else not on the list, cast your vote in by leaving a comment.