Friday, December 4, 2009

Don't Let The Door Hit You On Your Way Out

First, the bit of news I can confirm. River Plate coach Leonardo Astrada as told Cristian "El Ogro" Fabbiani that his services are no longer need at the club. Having returned to Argentina to play with Newell's Old Boys for the Apertura 2008, El Ogro played brilliantly, endearing himself to the fans, but turned his back on us when Eduardo Lopez lost his presidency to Guillermo Lorente. When Lorente took over, El Ogro demanded a move, and only River Plate would do.

Reporting to River for training for the Clausura 2009 out of shape, which could not have pleased the board of Los Millonarios. Due to the long negotiations between he was also late in starting his training with his new club, and started the season as a second half sub. Even so, he once again showed good form, and was earning the adoration of a new set of fans.

It wasn't long though, before his form dropped, along with the weight he had gained between championships. For the Apertura 2009, River surely had high hopes for the striker, as he was able to train with the club during the full off season, but after only playing in 9 matches out of the teams 16 played, and with no goals to his credit, Astrada had enough.

No surprise, really, it's been Fabbiani's way through out his career. Other than Lanus, his original club, he hasn't spent more than a year with any team. His contract is still held by Romanian club CFR Cluj, he was only on loan with Newell's, and then River, but will they want him back? At this point, would any team take a risk on him?

The second bit of business I haven't found another source for, but according to an article from Momento 24 Javier Collado is considering retirement. If he does retire, I can only imagine every futbol fan in Argentina, every fan of Argentine futbol in the world, joining as one to celebrate as if their team had just one a championship by beating their biggest rival on the last day of the season.

Now, I suppose I could be wrong. Collado could have a fan or two out there, and, if by any chance, you are one of them, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you. Really.

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