Sunday, December 6, 2009

Absolute Lunacy

When it was announced that Pablo Lunati was going to handle Newell's match against Arsenal de Sarandí, I was happy that we were getting an official that had not worked a Newell's game this Apertura... now I know better. I'm not blaming the official for Newell's 2-1 loss, that was down to the team not playing well. We've gotten away with not playing well in other games this season, won games that we shouldn't have, but this one simply wasn't to be. Formica did not play well over all, despite setting up Boghossian's goal, and was yet another Newell's player to spend much of a match with a bandage wrapped around his head this season. Franco Dolci is no Hugo Barrientos, let alone a Diego Mateo. Boghossian, as big as he is, as much as he played his heart out in this match is not a player who can carry a team on his shoulders, though he certainly tried his best.

What I am saying is that Lunati may well be a worst official than Collado. When a referee ends up arguing with an injuried player on the sidelines that isn't even involved in the game, you know something isn't right with the world (anyone know who it was? I wasn't able to from what I was getting from the announcers.) When he had finished with the sidelined player, things broke down on the field, with several gathered players from both sides jabbering at each other. Not only that, but I'd have to say that if this game is any indication, Lunati is bias against Newell's. How else can one explain 10 fouls called against La Lepra, while only 2 were call on Arsenal?

No, in the end it was Newell's who lost the match. Not even a canine invasion could provide enough luck this time around, though perhaps that only works when the dog that makes her way onto the pitch is La Negra. All I know is that Banfield won it's match against Huracán 1-0, and Newell's is again two points behind the leaders, only now there are only two matches left.

Still, miracles do happen. Banfield could lose again, and if Newell's can win their next two matches we still have a shot at the title. It is, after all, easier to be the one chasing the leader than it is to be the leader... or at least that's the theory. For now we hope, we pray, we worry. No matter how this plays out, we must remember that this was far from what we expected to be going through at this stage when the season started.

Up next Newell's visit Gimnasia La Plata, which should be winnable. Meanwhile Banfield host Tigre, which shouldn't even be a contest... but I didn't expect Racing to beat them, so we'll see.

Dale La Lepra!

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