Sunday, January 31, 2010

God Damn, Son of a Bitch

Not another 0-0 tie. Now I'm not sure to be happy I didn't watch (always less frustrating to hear about these kind of matches, rather than witnessing them first hand;) or be upset with my self because if I had stayed home and watched, Newell's Old Boys would have managed to score on Independiente and La Lepra would have started off the Clausura with 3 points rather than a mere 1.

Watch the video below for what I've seen of the match.

Someone's gonna have to step up and start producing if the team hopes to do well over the length of the Clausura. Still, it's only one game, plus one counting the Copa Libertadores match against Emelec. Both ended in 0-0 ties, but neither were complete yawners.

Let's pray that when the goals do start flying, they're headed in the right direction. In the meanwhile, I'll turn up the rock, and hope for better days.

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