Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beaten By The Hurricane, Battered By The Rain

Playing a team named after a tropical storm in torrential rain that's turned the field into a swamp, yeah, that my idea of a fun way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. Is it any wonder that Newell's Old Boys lost 2-1 playing away to Huracán?

I did get home in time to see that last 35 minutes of the game, but with all the rain, it's not like I could see much. Having played, although a long time ago, under such conditions, I can safely say that this was one of the most difficult game either team are likely to play this year. Making passes was a gamble, dribbling near impossible, and most tackles aren't made by defenders so much as by the puddles killing the ball's momentum before it's gone even half the distance it was intended to go.

It wasn't raining when the match started, at least not hard, but, from the video of the goals below, it still looks like the field was damp. I'm not sure when the rain started, but by the time I'd tuned in it was coming down hard, and there were already visible pools of water all over the field.
So, while it was good to see Cristian Nuñez get his first official goal for the team, I can't say that I'm happy with the loss. Still, all things considered, playing away, under bad conditions, with most of the regular starters being rested...

Up next, Boca Jrs come to Rosario, and then it's on to Ecuador to face Emelec in the away leg of the Copa Libertadores first round next Wednesday.

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