Monday, February 22, 2010

Sánchez-Prette To Play As A Holding Midfielder?

Hugo Barrientos will miss the next match, at home against Apertura champions Banfield, after receiving his sixth Yellow Card of the season during the match against Lanús (this includes infractions occuring during the Apertura and Clausura.)

With that in mind, I've spotted a report that lists the following as the expect line up:

Sebastián Peratta
Agustín Alayes, Rolando Schiavi, Juan Manuel Insaurralde
Franco Dolci, Lucas Bernardi, Christian Sánchez-Prette, Leonel Vangioni
Mauro Formica
Jorge Achucarro, Joaquín Boghossian

Now I'm hoping Sensini isn't expecting Sánchez-Prette, taking Barrientos place in the line up, to play as a holding midfielder. If so, I can only conclude that the man has gone completely off his rocker (ahem... for those not familiar that phrase, it means gone crazy.) Sensini himself has stated that Sánchez-Prette is two players, one when he has the ball - a dangerous attacking player, and another when he's trying to win the ball back - a player who can't distinguish between a good challenge and a tackle that shouldn't even be attempted.

Now, this may seem a bit odd for me to say, considering that I made similar comments about Barrientos play in the match against Lanús. But that's just it, Barrientos has bad games where he commits too many fouls, but then in other games he'll play well. Asking Sánchez-Prette to play as a defensive midfielder is just asking for trouble.

Either way, it's way to early to even believe that this will in fact be the line up that will take the field when it come time to start the match. It's scheduled for the coming weekend, and the exact day and time haven't even been announced yet. But, to throw out an idea, if the team is going to continue to play a double 5 system, I'd rather see Roselli given the chance next to Bernardi. Otherwise, let's see how the team plays with a double 10 system.

OK, for those might be reading this and aren't familiar with Argentine futbol... 5 is the traditional number given to your defensive/holding midfielder, 10 is your playmaker. Thus, playing a double 5 means your playing two defensive midfielders, such as Bernardi and Diego Mateo (Mateo is currently injuried.) Playing a double 10 would mean playing with two playmakers, which would be Formica and Sánchez-Prette. Got it? Good.

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