Saturday, February 27, 2010

Roselli In Against Banfield

As I stated on Monday, there was plenty of time for Sensini to change what was presented at that time as Newell's Old Boys' probable lineup to face Banfield tomorrow.

At that time I questioned the inclusion of Sánchez Prette in place of Barrientos in midfield, and suggested that perhaps it would be better to experiment with Roselli in that role. Well, seems that I got half my wish. Yesterday the following team was announced:

Sebastián Peratta
Agustín Alayes, Rolando Schiavi, Juan Manuel Insaurralde
Nahuel Roselli, Lucas Bernardi, Christian Sánchez Prette, Leonel Vangioni
Mauro Formica
Jorge Achucarro, Joaquín Boghossian

Again I have to question Sánchez Prette role in this line up. If Sensini is expecting him to fill the role of the second holding midfielder things could turn very ugly very fast. Hopefully I'm wrong, hopefully the tactics will be modified at least a bit, or Christian will go out and prove me wrong.

Then there's the matter of watching the match. It's scheduled to start at 7:10pm Rosario time... that's 9:10pm my time. I will be at a weekly get together with friends, but should be able to get home just in time for the kick off, or shortly there after. Sense I just upgraded my computer from an old Dell to a not quite so old IBM this week, the feeds are coming in much better than they were (I watched a bit of a match last night,) I'm excited to get a chance to watch Newell's play with better quality streaming.

Adding to the excitement is that this is a match up between the Apertura winners, Banfield, and the team that challenged them right down to the final week, Newell's. Newell's needs the win to get back into the chase for the Clausura title. Banfield are in third place, only a point off from current joint leaders Vélez Sarsfield and Colón de Santa Fe.

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David Phillips said...

Damn it, it's been one of those weeks. I posted this in a rush, and got my math wrong. If the game tomorrow in Rosario starts at 7:10, it will be 5:10 here... which is just about the time I'm supposed to be getting together with friends.

This is what happens when I'm distracted by getting a new computer set up.