Sunday, February 28, 2010

Newell's 5 Banfield 2

Actual score Newell's Old Boys 2 Banfield 1. I had a good night out with friends, and missed the game... now I'm feeling guilty.

Goals came from Cristian Nuñez(65,) Antonio Joaquín Boghossian (74,) for Newell's and Rubén Ramírez (77.) Now back to that 5-2 thing. We escaped Federico Beligoy with out taking a red, but six Lepra were booked for yellows, while only two Banfield players were carded.

Juan Insaurralde (31 NOB)
Nahuel Roselli (47 NOB)
Leonel Vangioni (63 NOB)
Cristian Nuñez (66)
Agustín Alayes (76)
Marcelo Bustamante (86)
Sebastián Dario Peratta (90)
Matías Cardaccio (90 BAN)

I'd really like to know what happened in the 90th minute that both Peratta and Cardaccio both took yellows, but so far I can't even find any goal highlights. And it's late, and I must get up and work in the morning.

Goodnight, World.

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