Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally, An End To The Month Long Match

The match between Argentinos Jrs and Newell's Old Boys is now in the books. It began over a month ago, on Wednesday, February 15th but was suspended with 26 minutes to play due to heavy rain with the score tied at 0. In a nice bit of symmetry it was raining today as well, and again the field was more of a swamp than a proper futbol pitch.

So far, I've found no reports on the match, no videos of the goals. That being the case, I'm glad I was able to watch. They played the 26 minutes in two 13 minute halves, complete with injury time for each half, the broadcast lasted about half an hour. Between the field conditions, and the brevity of the proceedings, there really isn't much that can be said. There was no flow to the match, just a lot of slogging around in the muck.

There were two goals, Ismael Sosa gave Argentinos the lead after ten minutes (officially the 74th minute of the match,) and twelve minutes later Jorge Achucarro evened the match up at one.

Juan Insaurralde received a red card in just at the 90th minute mark for a sliding tackle that the rain turned ugly, as he tried to explain to referee Gabriel Favale, but to no avail. So, again, Newell's will go into their next match, at home against Vélez Sarsfield, without being able to rely on their three top central defenders. Can't wait to see what kind of formation Sensini comes up with this time...

And, now, after having written all that, someone has loaded the goals up onto Youtube. It's worth a look if you didn't see the broadcast, if only to see for yourself the conditions the players had to deal with:

Up next, as noted above, Newell's host Vélez Sarsfield on Saturday at 9:15PM local time.

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