Friday, March 19, 2010

Roberto "Pimpi" Camino

What to say... how to say it...

He was a thug, a criminal, a terrorist... former leader of Newell's Old Boys Barras Bravas Roberto "Pimpi" Camino was murdered early this morning outside a local bar. The reports vary, after being shot 5 or 6 times he was either taken to hospital, or a clinic. He either died on his way, or while doctors tried to treat his wounds.

I'm at a loss as to how to feel about this killing. Murder is never justice, which I would not be surprised was on the mind of the assailant. Pimpi was the leader of the Bravas group who worked as enforcers under former Newell's president-cum-dictator Eduardo Lopez. As such, I can't really say I'm sadden by his passing... but that does not mean that I'm pleased by it either. Numb... yes, that describes how I'm feeling.

The police, of course, are investigating, but one has to wonder what will come of that. After all, this is the second reported death by violence connected to La Lepra. The first was 14 year old Walter Cáceres, who's murder is still unsolved.

Kick off for tomorrow's match against Vélez Sarsfield has been changed to 5:10PM local time in hopes that an earlier start will avoid, or at least lessen possible violence triggered by Pimpi's death.


Juan said...

I hope no more violence again in NOB...I would enjoy good football as old times

David Phillips said...

Amen to that, Juan.