Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just When I Thought...

Newell's Old Boys should have had this match wrapped up and won by a big margin. Not only were they out playing Vélez Sarsfield, but when Vélez midfielder Franco Razzotti was red carded for a foul from behind on Formica in the 28th minute the out come should have been a given.

Instead the first half ended tied 0-0. As play started in the second I was starting to believe that I'd be writing about a 0-0 deadlock, and would have to give credit to Vélez keeper Marcelo Barovero, who came up with several fine saves, and his team mate, defender Sebastián Domínguez, who seemed to be stuck to Boghossian like glue.

Then, suddenly, Dominguez did Newell's a favor by fouling Achucarro in Vélez penalty area right in front of referee Cristian Faraoni for a penalty. Newell's captain Rolando Schiavi elected to take the spot kick, and with Barovero doving to his right, Schiavi's shot went just to the left of the keeper's feet for a 1-0 lead. With the visitors down to ten men, that should been enough for La Lepra to walk away with the three points in hand. All the factors pointed in that direction, Newell's had a man advantage, they were playing at home, and Vélez had hardly challenged Peratta even when the teams were both playing with eleven men...

Before reading on, please watch the goal hightlights...

Now, you have watched them, right? Now I ask you, how does Peratta let that ball not only slip through his hands, but between his legs and into the net? It's not like it was a difficult shot to handle, or that Sebastián is a poor goalkeeper... he was one of the reasons Newell's ended the Apertura only a point behind champions Banfield. I've never had cause to say this before, and I hope I never do again, but today, Sebastián, you are the reason Newell's did not win. That goal should never have gone in, and the fact that you spent five years playing with teammates with V's on their chests has me wondering... I'm not going to say it, but you know what I'm thinking.
At the very least, Seba, take that all red outfit and burn it. If you ever wear it again it will only remind me of this game, of the soft shot that you have to explain to the world how you managed to let get by you and into the net.

Next weekend Newell's again head out on the road, this time to face Racing Club. I'd say that Racing are a team that are struggling, but they've been doing so for so long it's more like fighting to avoid relegation is simply where they belong.

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