Monday, March 22, 2010

If You Haven't Seen This...

Someone posted a video on Facebook over the weekend, and it is well worth sharing. Playing off of Argentina's "Futbol Para Todos" theme, here is "Para todos los leprosos:"

And, to follow up on a comment left by Juan... yes, Peratta, we all forgive you. Harsh words spoken in the heat of the moment are just that. Fabbiani, you fat bastard, so sorry that your selfishness has you idle during what should be the prime of your career... someday, someone may forgive you your transgressions, but not today. Today you are the part of the above clip that nearly had me falling out of my chair laughing.

Good luck finding a new club to play for, Ogro. You've burned bridges at every team you've played for. At this point, if anyone wants you, I'll be surprised.

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