Friday, March 5, 2010

How Not To Defend A 1-0 Lead

By the time I got home from work yesterday, turned on the computer, and loaded up the feed for Newell's Old Boys match against Atlético Tucumán the game was well into the second half. I was hoping, as I drove home, that I'd find Newell's leading by a comfortable margin. Considering we were playing the last place team, a club that had only managed two goals in their first six matches, what chance did they have?

Instead, while La Lepra did have the lead, it was only 1-0, thanks to a goal from substitute Mauricio Sperdutti, but it was Atlético Tucumán that was pressing the attack. From what I saw Newell's were playing to protect their slim lead, which only resulted, of course, in what so often comes from such tactics. In the 90th minute, Juan Pereyra's goal brought the score even. So, what should have been three easy points were turned into one.

I would have written about this last night, but I have friends who come over every Thursday night, and by the end of the game, they were arriving. Then, this morning, I woke up with a sore throat, causing me to miss a day at work. I could complain about what Sensini's been doing to the team, but that will get me worked up, and I really don't need that while I'm ill, so I'll leave that for later date... save to say that with all the formation/tactic shuffling that he's been doing has me wondering if he found some old notes that Nery Pumpido left behind.

Up next, Newell's will host current league leaders Godoy Cruz de Mendoza. That match is schedule for Sunday, at 5PM local time.

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