Sunday, March 7, 2010

Turning Things Around

I'm still under the weather, but still managed to watch today's match up between Newell's Old Boys and Godoy Cruz, and boy what a game it was. Achucarro played, even though it was thought that he would be rested after midweek international duty with Paraguay. He had two goals, but neither counted towards the final score. The first was in the 14th minute off a shot that hit the crossbar and then almost straight down to the goal line (see picture.) After multiple replays it was clear that it landed just inside the line, and thus should have been a goal. Thank you, Mr Linesman.

The second came as the first half was winding down. Vangioni received the ball on the left of the penalty area, crossed it to an on rushing Achucarro. Vangioni, however, was judged to be offsides, which negated the goal. This one, I can't argue too much, as it was a close play. I didn't see it as being offsides, but they didn't replay it to where I could be certain.

In the 31st minute Schiavi was given a direct red card for a foul just out side of Newell's area. Again, I would have liked to have seen a couple of replays... yes, it was certainly a foul, and maybe deserved a yellow, but a straight red? This, after Nicolas Olmedo had fouled Vangioni from behind earlier in the match and only received a yello? I was so disgusted, I almost stopped watching. It didn't help when Godoy Cruz took the lead from a rebound the ensuing freekick produced. At that, it could have been called back, as a Godoy Cruz player was offsides.

As fate would have it, Olmedo wouldn't last the match, either, taking a second yellow, and thus earning a red only four minutes after Schiavi's carding.

Newell's finally evened the match in the 38th minute when Boghossian was fouled in the penalty area as Godoy Cruz keeper Nelson Ibáñez tried to strip him of the ball. Boghossian made no mistake from the spot. The score remained level going into the half.

In the second half, Newell's played better than they had in the first, and soon took the lead. The goal was again scored by Boghossian in the 49th minute, this time from a bit of a mad scramble in front of the Godoy Cruz net. That ended the scoring on the day, so Newell's go from being humbled by the last place team, to beating the team that had gone into the weekend on top of the standings.

While Boghossian scored two goals, I have to say I was more impressed with Achucarro's play today. Not only did he played well, but he played well on two taped up ankles, and he had what could have been two goals had the linesman seen things differently. All in all, he had one hell of a match.

I also have to give some praise to Mauro Formica. He didn't have his best game offensively, but it was far from his worst. He also came back numerous times and made some great defensive tackles look easy. While he has yet to hit his stride offensively this Clausura, as long as he continues to contribute in other way he only makes himself more valuable.

Godoy Cruz can now kiss first place goodbye, as Independiente are in the process of beating River Plate. Here's the goals from the match, including the foul on Boghossian to set up the penalty kick:

Up next, a trip to La Plata to face Estudiantes.

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Juan said...

Good Report Dave.
This time we didnt suffer last minutes, but we still must to strength the defense. I will ask if possible to see the remaining minutes vs Argentinos Jrs in Buenos Aires this wednesday.

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